MARLOWE (2022) A boy’s quiet birthday celebration on the coast quickly turns into a living nightmare.


MARLOWE (2022)Short and Sweet Headlines are Best!

All You Can Carry

ALL YOU CAN CARRY (2018) A young boy and his parents race against dawn to escape home as the reality beyond their scavenged life finally catches up with them.In June 2019 Gunpowder & Sky launched ALL YOU CAN CARRY on their horror channel ALTER Check out ALTER’s director interview here.Synopsis After his mom comes back to their hidden cabin in …

When the Howls Find Us

WHEN THE HOWLS FIND US (2017) On the run and fighting to survive from a howling threat, a young girl and her grandmother find safety in an abandoned workshop – only to face a fateful choice.Short and Sweet Headlines are Best!

Night Rounds Pacalu

Here are two micro-shorts I made as a part of horror anthology concept I developed exploring a haunted London apartment complex from the perspective of different tenants and employees. I would love to turn this concept into something much larger someday. I hope you enjoy!PACALU – Launched on FILMSHORTAGE in JANUARY 2022Night Rounds (2018)

An Original Natalie

AN ORIGINAL NATALIE (2016) – London Film School 16mm Post-Sync Term Exercise